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Member Spotlight: Angie Westbrock, COO at Standard AI

AboveBoard | May 14, 2021

The senior leader on advice for burgeoning women execs.

Angie Westbrock is an innovative and customer-centric executive.

An accomplished Senior Executive with more than 18 years of experience, Angie has worked across a number of industries, including tech, food & beverage, transportation, and health & wellness industries. Her speciality? Strategically scaling companies at any stage while building world-class organizations. 

When we chatted with Angie in March 2021, she was serving as Lyft's Vice President of Global Operations, overseeing 600+ field team members in cities across the U.S. and Canada. Today, she's leading Standard AI—a platform dedicated to transforming retail with autonomous checkout—as Chief Operating Officer. 

Angie was one of the five amazing AboveBoard members we highlighted last spring who are accomplishing huge and wonderful things in their industries. Below, she offers advice for women entering the executive space. 

As a new executive, it's important to reflect on your style, priorities, and habits to perform your own version of Start, Stop, & Continue.
"Identify the actions or skills that you need to develop and start incorporating them into your daily routine. Let go of those qualities that may have gotten you where you are, but won't serve you in the same way moving forward. Most importantly, ensure you are grounded in your core values and capabilities in order to maintain your authenticity and bring your unique perspective to the executive team.”

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