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Member Spotlight: Ruby Powell-Dennis, Founder of Elect Black Women PAC

AboveBoard | May 14, 2021

The "people-focused leader" on tenacity and patience.

Ruby Powell-Dennis describes herself as a people-focused leader who is passionate about service. 

And that's not all: Ruby is the Founder and Executive Director of Elect Black Women PAC.  In addition to running for office herself in 2020, she has served as campaign manager for a senatorial campaign and led candidate training and development as National Deputy Director of the Leaders of Color Initiative at Education Reform Now (ERN). Ruby has also held leadership roles in Teach for America, The New Teacher Project, and The Achievement School District.

In March 2021, Ruby was one of the five amazing AboveBoard members we highlighted who are accomplishing huge and wonderful things in their industries. Below, we've excerpted her advice on the must-have qualities for leadership.  

You must have tenacity and patience.
"The easiest thing to do as a leader is to get a role; the hardest thing to do is keep it. It is even harder to grow every year and stay relevant every year. Grow wherever you are planted. Just because I never met a Black woman who had her own PAC didn't mean I could not grow up to be that Black woman.”

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