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We are on a mission to expand board and executive opportunities

AboveBoard | May 14, 2021

How we're removing barriers for Black, Latinx, and women execs.

Our executive hiring platform removes the barriers to access in executive search. 

We do this by extending companies’ networks to include more diverse talent and creating transparent access to opportunities for executives.

Since our launch in October 2020, we are already providing this innovative access to the 5500+ executives and 400+ companies currently using AboveBoard. And we would love your support in furthering this progress.

Sharing AboveBoard with your network opens up executive opportunities to a larger pool of talented prospects.

As our base of members grows, a larger number of companies will post their opportunities on our platform. This increases the number of opportunities that you have access to and gives you more chances to find your perfect fit role.

Increase the number of opportunities you have access to on AboveBoard by taking the following actions:

  • Share specific opportunities directly with your peers and colleagues 
  • Invite your fellow executives to become AboveBoard members 
  • Spread the news about AboveBoard within your network 

While being an active AboveBoard member is supportive enough, every additional action supports our mission of expanding opportunity and diversifying executive leadership.

Start inviting your peers and colleagues to join AboveBoard.

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AboveBoard is an executive hiring platform that connects qualified executives with board and full-time opportunities. We are expanding access for underrepresented groups of executives—particularly Black, Latinx, and women. To join visit

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