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AboveBoard is grateful for our members, partners, and greater community

AboveBoard | Nov 16, 2021

We truly would not exist without our entire community.

Just over a year ago, AboveBoard was founded to help show that there is no singular face of executive leadership. 

We knew that barriers existed for executives from underrepresented groups to access senior leadership roles and breaking down those barriers has always been our mission. 

AboveBoard is carving a new path for more diversity, equity, and inclusion in executive search. But we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do without the collaboration of our members, partners, board members, and our community at large.

I am deeply grateful for the many people who have dedicated their time to AboveBoard, to building a new model of executive hiring where everyone gets a fair shot. Bringing our vision of a world without barriers for executive women and minorities requires clients who trust us with their most important hires, partners who share our mission, members who engage with opportunity in a new way, and our tireless team–staff, advisors, and board members. We are a community cemented with gratitude for each others’ commitment to change, and we welcome all who will join us.”

—Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO and Founder, AboveBoard

AboveBoard would truly not exist without our members. Their membership has allowed us to grow in exciting ways, reaching over 15,000 executives from underrepresented groups, and offering them a new opportunity for executive search and hiring.

“AboveBoard would be nothing without our members, We have seen tremendous growth over the past year and we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you! I am so proud of the community we are building. Thank you all for being a part of our movement and for trusting us to serve the needs of this incredibly vibrant community of executives!

—Courtney, Head of Member Services

Furthermore, we wouldn’t be able to expand access to executive search and hiring without our network of hiring companies and partners. We’re humbled and thankful for everyone who believes in our mission and works with us to achieve it. 

“I’m continually thankful for the trust our clients place in us and their commitment to increasing a pipeline of qualified, diverse executives. Our clients are trailblazers (freaking rockstars!) and their efforts are increasing diversity, one leader at a time.”

—Norah, Director of Client Success

Thank you to our entire community for your support and commitment to our mission and for helping us move diversity in leadership from a PR buzzword to actionable change in executive hiring practices.

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