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AboveBoard Q&A: Channa Green, CCO at True Search

AboveBoard | May 14, 2021

The executive leader on mentoring and championing others.

Channa Green is a culture-building leader who loves to scale smart.

As Chief Communication Officer for True Search (our sister company!), Channa drives employee engagement and supports company culture through internal communications strategies and programs. Prior to joining True, Channa represented the National Venture Capital Association, the AICPA, and numerous top-tier venture capital funds through her work with an NYC-based PR firm. 

In March 2021, Channa was one of the panelists in AboveBoard's first-ever digital event: An Era of Opportunity. During the all-women-led roundtable panel, we brought together experienced executives and board members and touched on embracing opportunity and making your mark.

We caught up with Channa afterwards to expound on her insights. Ahead, she talks expanding access, making the most out of executive opportunities, and more.  

How can we make the most out of the board and executive opportunities that are available to us?

In order to make the most out of the opportunities that are available to us, we have to consistently advocate for ourselves, and mentor and champion others.

How can we encourage and support each other through this unique time?

"We have to consistently advocate for ourselves, and mentor and champion others."

Some of the best support I receive comes in the form of prescriptive mentorship. When you have people in your network who are willing to give you actionable advice, and you're willing to listen and test it, new possibilities arise.

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