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AboveBoard Q&A: Regina Jaslow, Co-Founder & CEO at Innocuous AI

AboveBoard | May 20, 2021

The Board Member & Advisor talks expanding access.

Board Member and Advisor Regina Jaslow describes herself as passionately curious. 

With more than 20 years of marketing, sales, and customer success experience under her belt, Regina most recently served as Chief Revenue Officer at a health-tech startup. She has served as an advisor to multiple startups in the US and the UK, and also serves on the board of the Wharton Club of New York and The Floating Hospital.

In March 2021, Regina was one of the panelists in AboveBoard's first-ever digital event: An Era of Opportunity. During the all-women-led roundtable panel, we brought together experienced executives and board members and touched on embracing opportunity and making your mark.

We caught up with Regina afterwards to expound on her insights. Ahead, she talks expanding access, making the most out of executive opportunities, and more.  

What can executives do to expand our access to opportunity during this unique time?

Don't be shy to clearly express to others your desire to serve on boards or get into the C-suite so people are aware and will know to think of you when the opportunity arises to recommend your candidacy.

How can executives make the most out of the board and executive opportunities available to them?

If the opportunity looks interesting, even if it's a bit of a stretch for you, go for it! You need to be a bit uncomfortable to ensure you are growing and learning new things.

"You need to be a bit uncomfortable to ensure you are growing and learning new things."

What challenges do you see in driving through to actual executive placements?

Both men and women sometimes do not "see" that a candidate "fits" the role. The nebulous x-factor is often the lack of gravitas or executive presence. These are learned skills, so be willing to seek help to learn and practice those skills. 

Are you an executive (VP-level and above)?

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